Hello, I'm Steph Tan

Integrated Designer & Illustrator

I believe that compelling visual experiences require personality, intense intentionality and, a little bit of chaos.
photograph of steph tan, integrated designer and illustrator.
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secret message: Niko's Birthday is December 22
husavik, 2021steph with cherry blossoms in washington dc
Maryland > Manhattan > Brooklyn > Queens > Nomadic > Washington, DC

I also believe that compelling visual experiences require passion, collaboration, and a clear set of goals.

When I’m not up to my eyeballs in perfecting palettes, you can find me drinking boxed red wine, reading the latest YA romance or knitting some chunky monstrosity—occasionally all three at the same time. Efficient, no?
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portrait painting of a yellow lab wearing a red bandana, on a pink backgroundwaterfall in iceland with rainbow at the baseportrait painting of a white, one-eyed cat looking naughty on a green background
Pictures and a thousands words—you know the drill. Elevate and add visual interest with hand-drawn illustrations.


Custom Portraits

It’s a fact, your pet is probably the most perfect thing in the universe. Why not treat them as such with a fabulous custom portrait?


You already know that a brand isn’t just a logo—but a visual identity that’s intentionally crafted to reflect what’s important to you.
Already have a business up and running? Just need help building out those collaterals? Leave the nitty gritty stuff to me.


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A few things I’ve worked on

secret message: Niko's Birthday is December 22
moody interior with minimalist furniture and dramatic lightingmacro shot of freshly cooled magma from a recently active volcano in icelandhypnotic photo of a strange white church on a cliff with pink cotton-candy clouds in the skyphotograph of dramatic black cliffs and rough wavesdreamy photograph of a white lighthouse on a field of golden dried grass
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